1. General

1.1. What Is NGINX Amplify?

NGINX Amplify is a tool for comprehensive NGINX monitoring. With NGINX Amplify it's easy to proactively analyze and fix problems related to running and scaling NGINX-based web applications.
You can use NGINX Amplify to do the following:
  • Visualize and identify NGINX performance bottlenecks, overloaded servers, or potential DDoS attacks
  • Improve and optimize NGINX performance with intelligent advice and recommendations
  • Get notified when something is wrong with the application infrastructure
  • Plan web application capacity and performance
  • Keep track of the systems running NGINX

1.2. Where Is NGINX Amplify Hosted?

NGINX Amplify is a SaaS and it is currently hosted in AWS us-west-1 (US West, N. California).

1.3. Is the NGINX Amplify Agent Traffic Protected?

All communications between the agent and the backend are done securely over SSL/TLS. All traffic is always initiated by the agent. The backend system doesn't set up any connections back to the agent.

1.4. Is the NGINX Amplify Agent Code Publicly Available?

NGINX Amplify Agent is an open source application. It is licensed under the 2-clause BSD license, and is available here.

1.5. What is This Question About My Password When Installing NGINX Amplify Agent?

It could be that you're starting the install script from a non-root account. In this case you will need sudo rights. While it depends on a particular system configuration, with a non-root account sudo will typically ask for a password.